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by Lyn Landon | Feb 7, 2017 | Amazon Marketplace account BMVD Ship by Region

Amazon offers the Selling on Amazon account update for all Amazon Marketplace sellers. This account type can make use of a host of great new features that Amazon is rolling out this year.

What is Selling on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon is the account type that all new sellers begin with, and that older account types upgrade to. It includes new features that Amazon is developing, as well as many enhancements.

Some of the features include:

If you’re using a Marketplace account, we recommend upgrading it to a Selling on Amazon account.

Migrate your account

  1. Go to your Amazon Seller Central account and log in.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Amazon settings link


  4. In the Your Services box, click Manage.
  5. Your services

    My Services

    Your options may be slightly different, but we’re looking for the Sell on Amazon option at the top, with the Learn More button. It should say “Migrate to the latest version of Professional Selling on Amazon Account.” If you don’t have this option, and you don’t have an option to migrate to the new shipping settings, please contact Support.

  6. Click Learn More.
    Learn More



  8. When you’ve read the terms and conditions and are ready to migrate your account, check the box and click Agree and Migrate.




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